Katherine Skillman worked for 19 years in the beauty industry, all the while shaping her professional mindset and drive to be the best stylist in Cleveland. After separating from her prior place of work to form Très Chic in 2016, she and her first hire Dani Buchholzer, grew the fledgling business from it's humble beginnings to the full service salon that it is today.


At the start, while prospective team members came and went, Katie and Dani were Swiss army knives. They were doing all they could to keep guests coming back while the business began settling into its rising spot on the list as one of the best salons in downtown Cleveland. As they began to establish the Très Chic culture and values, it became easier to find team members who embodied the mission of the salon.


Our core values, the concepts we define ourselves by, are honesty, transparency, accountability, teamwork, passion and respect.


Today the salon is the best in downtown Cleveland (google says so, I promise) and we aren't done yet.


We would like to pay tribute to a very special person to Très Chic. We would not be where we are today without Ronald Barron. Ron was a business advisor, mentor, and friend. He will never be forgotton. Thank you for all your support, Ron. We love you. 

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we are excited to be included as a

salon today 200 honoree for 2021! 


Phone: 216-465-4435
E-Mail: treschiccle@gmail.com